managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Improve business productivity and collaboration with IT services that give you the edge over your competition.

Managed IT Services and solutions

Managed IT Solutions

Our IT support service provides you with a means of resolving day-to-day problems. But what about your other technology challenges? Who manages the IT decisions within your organisation? Which tools does your team use to collaborate and share information? What measures have you put in place to protect your business from fraud? Do you have a data backup & restore strategy?​​

Our range of managed IT service offerings ensure that you have the right suite of products and tools to provide a highly effective technology setup for your business. With the right tools in place you become empowered to be more productive and stay ahead of the competition.

Managed IT Services

Microsoft Suite

Microsoft Office 365

Experts in rolling out Office 365 and providing seamless integration with your business environment. As a certified Microsoft solutions provider we assess the most suitable solutions for you and implement best practice methodologies for delivering high featured, collaborative products to your workplace environment.

cloud backup

Cloud Backup​

Our systems proactively monitor the health of the computers and servers within your business. Hardware problems and outdated software issues are highlighted and resolved before they escalate.

Cloud application management

Cloud Application Management​

We will advise on the benefits of various types of cloud migration (Public vs Private vs Hybrid) and will help you with the migration of your on-site servers into the cloud using our Professional Services team. Once complete our team will then manage your cloud installation, leaving you to get on with running your business.

telephony cartoon

Cloud Telephony​

As a cloud services provider, we have a range of telephony solutions to meet your business needs. Our telephony services are designed to cater for the needs of industries, ranging from Education to Healthcare. We cater for mission critical environments where hybrid solutions are more appropriate, delivering the best of cloud-telephony with on-premise equipment. With the increase in online communication, our telephony platforms can also manage multi-channel communication, enabling you to obtain visibility of online chats, Whatsapp messages and calls, all through a single dashboard.

high speed internet

High Speed Internet​

Which connection is best for your business? What is the difference between FTTP and FTTC? What benefits does an Ethernet leased line provide? What type of connection should remote workers use? We help you with answering these questions and recommend the most suitable connectivity for your business needs.

email archiving

Email Archiving

Businesses rely on email to communicate internally and externally and send out hundreds of emails per week, if not more. Unlike Backup, email archiving involves storing your emails in a secure environment, which can easily be searched or audited, ensuring legal compliance. Emails can be stored for vast amounts of time too.

disaster recover

Disaster Recovery as a Service for Servers

Without proper back-up facilities, rebuilding a server is no straightforward task and can result in days of business outage. Our cloud-based server disaster recovery solution solves this by re-routing you to a clone of your server hosted in the cloud. This cuts down recovery time by a huge 75% over conventional methods. Backups are synced every night, so you always have a recent backup to recover. Don’t wait until disaster strikes, we can implement DRaaSS within a few days with minimal disruption to your existing IT.

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Understanding your business challenges is essential to providing you with a best fit solution. For IT Helpdesk pricing please contact us, or see our IT Service Packages.

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