Secure Payment Service

Secure Payment Services

Secure payments over the phone. Fully integrated with our communications platforms.

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At Telappliant, we are committed to providing our customers with the most secure and efficient communication solutions. We are excited to introduce Cardassure, a secure payment service that is fully integrated with our phone systems, allowing businesses to take card payments over the phone securely.

What are the benefits?

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Secure Transactions

With Telappliant Cardassure, your customers can enter their card details using their telephone keypad, ensuring their information is kept secure and confidential.

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Easy Integration

Cardassure is fully integrated with Telappliant communications platforms, allowing mobile payment functionality to be easily added to your existing solution.

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Compliance Made Easy

Cardassure helps your business comply with PCI DSS requirements, reducing the risk of fraud and enhancing customer trust.

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UK-Based Support

As a UK-based Managed Service Provider, Telappliant offers local support to ensure we deal with issues as efficiently as possible.

How does it work?

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