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VoIP Phone Services

While digital communication platforms have expanded, the phone remains a cornerstone of success for enterprises across industries.
VoIP services seamlessly integrate with your communications platforms, providing flexibility, virtual presence, and valuable insights into your customers. As an Ofcom-registered provider, our VoIP services offer high reliability and uninterrupted communication, while our eco-friendly approach aligns with sustainability goals.

VoIP empowers UK businesses to stay competitive, control costs, and adapt efficiently to changing market dynamics. With the 2027 PSTN switch-off around the corner, now is the time to make sure you are ready for the future.
phone services

Unlock seamless communication with our comprehensive phone services

With our suite of phone services, we’re dedicated to elevating your business’s communication capabilities. Stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and scale your communications effortlessly. Migrating your existing telecoms infrastructure is easy with our number porting and cloud voice solutions. Maybe you require worldwide telephone numbers for your global marketing strategy or unlimited call plans for a busy call centre. Our enterprise solutions cater for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Discover the power of unified communication today.

Phone Service Solutions

Microsoft Teams Voice

Microsoft® Teams stands as an indispensable hub for seamless business collaboration. It empowers you with messaging, file sharing, video calls, and more. By adding Microsoft Teams Voice (also referred to as Microsoft Direct Routing), your Teams app transforms into a versatile communication tool, replacing your desk phone and granting you the capability of making and receiving calls just as you would from an existing mobile or telephone.

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SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is a direct replacement for legacy PSTN and ISDN lines, offering communications over a single internet connection. By adopting UK SIP trunks, you eliminate the physical constraints of traditional phone lines, replacing them with cloud-based virtual telephone lines that can scale dynamically. This approach to communication not only enhances flexibility but also bolsters business continuity while delivering significant cost efficiencies compared to traditional telephony services.

Business Telephone Numbers

We offer geographic, non-geographic and freephone (toll-free) UK and international phone numbers from over 5000 cities worldwide. These numbers offer versatile routing options, allowing them to be directed to any landline or mobile destination or seamlessly integrated into your cloud telephone system. Our phone numbers are available for purchase in various formats, catering to your specific needs, including gold numbers and number block ranges. If you are with an existing provider then we can seamless transfer numbers to our network using a service known as number porting (see below).

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call plans

Call Plans & Tariffs

We offer some of the most competitive call rates available available today, delivering calls for organisations ranging from retail chains to busy call centres. Recognising that every organisation has unique calling patterns and budgetary constraints, we offer a range of calling plans ranging from world tariffs to UK unlimited packages. With call plans our clients can budget their communications expenditure, ensuring no unexpected costs.

Number Porting

Our number porting service ensures a seamless transition from your existing legacy or VoIP provider, allowing organisations to retain their existing numbers while migrating their communications to us. Number porting eliminates the need for changing contact numbers. Our dedicated team manages the intricacies of the porting process, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining the continuity of your communications throughout. Gain the benefits of advanced telephony services without losing your trusted phone numbers.

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