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Our business phone numbers provide you with a virtual presence nationwide, at very little cost.

Expand your presence with our range of numbers.

Virtual presence

Your virtual presence has never been so good

Numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile destination, or to your cloud telephone system. Numbers can be purchased in single quantities or in 10 to 100-block number ranges. If you require a memorable number then we can also provide a comprehensive range of easy-to-remember numbers.

Awesome Benefits

Virtual number services

Virtual Number Services

Access a wealth of virtual number services

VOIP technology


Integrate your number into VoIP technology

Save money

Save Money

Save money with VoIP

Ensure conitnuity

Ensure Continuity

Ensure continuity of your business

UK Number

per month


Single & DDI ranges

650 UK locations

Memorable Numbers available

Voicemail & call forwarding

Fax2Email feature


per month

0333 Local Range

0300 Charity Range

0800 Freephone Range

084 Fixed Cost Range

070 Personal Range

International Numbers available


per month

Proven to increase call volume

UK & 100+ other destinations

From just 2p per minute

International freephone

Includes voicemail & best tariff


per month

Gain an international presence

Forward calls to any device

Local, national & toll free

6000+ international locations

Includes online management

Want to keep you number?

If you already own a number you can move the number to us using our number porting service.

Alistair Castillo from De Cotta Law says…

We approached Telappliant following a recommendation from a client and have been a customer ever since. Telappliant provides us with a low-cost, flexible call package, which works perfectly with our VoIP PBX appliance and has a crystal clear billing arrangement.

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