Introducing the FlexContract

A FlexContract provides Telappliant customers with the ultimate flexibility by allowing services to be swapped out mid-way through a contract.


What is FlexContract and how can it help you?

FlexContract enables you to swap out your services mid-contract, allowing you to optimise your spend, preventing a lock-in with services you no longer need. You can choose from our wide portfolio of telecoms, IT, connectivity and cyber services. All new contracts are FlexContracts which means you don’t have to worry about being tied into services you no longer need.

FlexContract is a new type of contract designed with our customers in mind. With an ever-changing and uncertain economic climate ahead, businesses have to keep a greater eye on their cashflow and impacting effects such as supplier price rises. Increases have made it challenging for businesses and consumers alike and this has resulted in businesses scrutinising existing supplier spends.

For example, with a FlexContract, you could swap out some of your existing services and replace them with Microsoft Office 365 licences, ensuring that you keep costs down and make the most out of your contract.

Do you want to Flex?

All our customers have the option of swapping out services* that they no longer need, mid-way through their contract term. Business usage can change during the growth of a business, impacting your usage of technology services. So, instead of being stuck in a contract with services you no longer use, switch them out for services you do use! Speak to us today for further information.

* Does not apply to back-to-back contracted services such as ethernet leased lines. Please check with your sales representative for eligibility.

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