Cloud communication – The sweet spot for business continuity

Cloud communication – The sweet spot for business continuity

Cloud based communications eliminate the need for on-premise systems, and can connect you with employees and other businesses instantly.

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Adopting cloud communication services is essential for business growth, especially with the new era of hybrid/remote working becoming a reality. And as the next generation prepares for life in the business world, home/remote working is set to become a preference.

With the Covid-19 pandemic sending many businesses into a spiral, those who had already adopted cloud communication were able to leave their desks and pick up at home with minimal fuss. And that is because cloud based communication solutions eliminate the need for on-premise systems, and can connect you with employees and other businesses instantly.

Why do I need cloud communication?

Realistically, for remote workers to be fully autonomous your business needs a cloud communication infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere. This could mean on their computer at home, on the train, in a coffee shop (you’d be surprised!) and more. And, as many businesses are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, we need to be mindful of the possibility that we could end up in a similar situation again in the UK, and so the focus needs to be heavily on business continuity, and that’s where cloud communication really shines

What is business continuity?

Business continuity is essentially an organisation’s ability to ensure that key business objectives and services are able to perform without disruption from disaster or any occurrence that would take the business offline. For this reason, the cloud is a key player in ensuring that business transactions take place, regardless of the environment or situation. Businesses cannot afford downtime, so without a cloud computing platform your business is at risk of becoming slow and unreliable, as well as majorly affecting your bottom line. No one wants to be in the same situation as some businesses found themselves at the start of the pandemic. That is why planning is key.

The benefits of cloud communication

  • Scalability – You can make quick adjustments to your infrastructure including amending users, changing settings or adding services on to support business growth. As it is all handled in the cloud, your third-party supplier is able to make these changes usually within 24/48 hours.
  • Financial flexibility – A monthly fee allows businesses to respond fast to market changes, which means that you are in control of how much, or little you spend according to your needs.
  • Superior remote connectivity – ‘Plug in anywhere functionality’ allows businesses to operate without costly on-premise hardware
  • Multi-platform – It’s rarely just voice. More businesses are also taking advantage of MS Teams and other video capabilities in order to continue meetings even if no one is in the office. You might need to also consider business internet for remote workers.
  • Network redundancy – Safeguards are put in place to ensure that your SLAs are delivered no matter what. Providers often set up a redundant network which allows you to avoid service disruption and more importantly, keep your business online!

The pandemic meant that desk workers were able to work fully remotely for the first time, and with the many benefits that cloud communication brings, it is no wonder that there is a reluctance for many to return full time to an office working environment.

Those businesses that fail to recognise the mindset shift that the impact of Covid-19 started will find themselves left behind in a world where integrated business solutions, cloud technology and employee expectations for the first time combine with one very clear message – remote working is here to stay.

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