Wokingham Borough Council

A Cloud Based Telephony Solution for Wokingham Borough Council

Wokingham Borough Council

From recycling and environmental planning to healthcare, leisure and education, Wokingham Borough Council is responsible for the development and maintenance of its district, just like other borough councils in the UK.

The people of Wokingham rely on Wokingham Borough Council for many reasons. Parking, transport and rubbish collection are services heavily relied upon, as are emergencies, education, healthcare and building developments. Wokingham Borough Council are always working to provide a comprehensive service to their people and are keen to improve where possible. Therefore, they felt the need for change within their own internal communications infrastructure.

Staff at Wokingham Borough Council were up against an ending telephony contract and wanted a more flexible, cost-effective telephony solution that would not only eliminate the need for landlines but would also help to future proof the council office infrastructures.  

Searching cloud PBX providers

The Wokingham Borough Council team researched various cloud PBX providers but chose to go with Telappliant after a positive, friendly conversation with the sales team, who were seemingly the most responsive to the team’s queries.

After provisionally choosing Telappliant, the Wokingham team ported their café number as a trial. Their experience with the administrative process, the technical support they received, and the flexibility of the porting team was the determinate factor in them choosing Telappliant for the entire project.

Deploying VoIPTalk and VoIPOffice

After choosing to deploy VoIPOffice as their cloud-based telephony solution for the main ranger’s office, the Wokingham team also had Telappliant’s SIP trunk solution (VoIPTalk) installed in their three outbuildings, one of which includes the booking line for an activity centre. With plans to move those lines to VoIPOffice at a later date, the team are already making improvements to the way their customers can contact them about specific services.

The end result

Three number ports to VoIPTalk were completed in a smooth, seamless way, allowing the office staff to enjoy a quick, plug-in-and-go experience. This was also the case with the provisioning of phones by Telappliant, enabling the team at Wokingham to carry on business as usual, with an improved communications infrastructure.

The VoIPTalk ports arrived on the expected date, and the Wokingham team were delighted with the new features presented to them, allowing them to save money with better call plans and no need for landlines. This was important for the team, especially with regards to future-proofing their telephony landscape.

The Telappliant team helped them set up voicemail across VoIPTalk, VoIPOffice and Yealink quickly and easily, helping them realise the full potential of VoIPOffice and how it can help the business.

Overall, the team at Wokingham Borough Council are very happy with the result:

Customer Comment

I can wholeheartedly recommend Telappliant to any other business. Telappliant’s technical support is second to none and all our interactions with their staff showed an organisation that prides itself on getting the job done in the best possible manner.

Hoyte Swager

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