Kirker Europe

Kirker Europe is a recognised leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative nail products and has been in business for over 50 years

Kirker Europe

Kirker Europe’s main PBX at their US headquarters is Asterisk based but they always had intended to link the UK and US PBXs to enable internal DDI dialling between sites. The offices are based in a remote location, so initially, it meant that leased lines were a prohibitive cost factor. Being miles from the nearest BT exchange meant VoIP calls over ADSL was also not a reliable option.

The migration picked up the pace when their local exchange finally implemented broadband in the area. This allowed Kirker Europe’s offices to dramatically increase concurrent call volume and start saving on costs of calls with a fully VoIP solution, provided by VoIPOffice™.

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Telappliant’s support team were able to work with us and solve any problems in our networks that came up. The system is working as desired and it was a pleasure working with you; thanks again to the team at Telappliant.

Bentley Brown

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