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Established in 1983, De Cotta Law works with the English speaking community across Spain

De Cotta Law

De Cotta Law cove Costa de la Luz, Costa del Sol, Murcia and Costa Blanca. Over the years, the firm has expanded into three offices, covering areas such property conveyancing, wills and probate, family and divorce, criminal litigation and more.

De Cotta Law was seeking an alternative telephony solution to the national carrier. The firm became aware of Telappliant after one of its clients installed a VoIP PBX appliance and recommended the company got in touch with Telappliant for a call plan.

De Cotta Law chose to retain its incoming calls with the national carrier, largely because it did not want to lose its existing Spanish phone numbers, which had been established over 25 years and were not able to be ported to VoIP. The company therefore required Telappliant to provide and manage its outgoing calls, call plan and incoming numbers for callers from the UK.

Customer Comment

On the basis of a recommendation from a client, and our desire to have an alternative, more cost-effective telephony solution, we decided to install VoIP across our three offices. Our aim was to maintain or even improve the call quality while reducing our call costs.

Rather than completely replacing the national carrier with VoIP, we chose to run the two in parallel because it was not possible to port our Spanish numbers over to VoIP, and this also gave us the most flexible solution.

VoIP has solved the call quality difficulties we were experiencing while the Business Multi Plan has given us low cost calls with the flexibility to add new numbers and additional lines as needed. The online billing information, which allows us to view and download the call history online in real-time, is particularly helpful.

Overall, the service from Telappliant is excellent. Any problems we’ve experienced have usually been down to our Internet connection. I even use Telappliant at home now for my wife’s business.

Customer Comment

We approached Telappliant following a recommendation from a client and have been a customer ever since. Telappliant provides us with a low-cost, flexible call package, which works perfectly with our VoIP PBX appliance and has a crystal clear billing arrangement.

Alistair Castillo

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