Conrad Electronics

Conrad is Europe’s largest multi-channel introducer of electrical goods

Conrad Electronics

The company is the exclusive distributor for many leading European brands including Voltcraft, Renkforce, Toolcraft and McBrown. They sell over 130,000 products to more than 14 million customers.

With all calls from the UK routing to a call centre in the Netherlands, Conrad wanted to open a new UK Customer Contact Centre to achieve better control over its telecommunications and improve the standard of service for customers in the UK.

As a constantly evolving business managing hundreds of calls from the UK every day, Conrad wanted a VoIP telephone system to keep the cost of its calls low and provide flexibility to add additional lines quickly and inexpensively. The company also wanted a system that would enable them to ensure each call centre agent is managed effectively.

Customer Comment

With our new UK customer contact centre, we wanted to move away from expensive ISDN lines which are difficult to upscale and downscale. Now that we have a VoIP phone system, we have the control we needed and have significantly reduced our costs.

I particularly liked how easy VoIPOffice is to use – it is very intuitive. I have learned how to manage the system myself and can easily make changes such as rerouting a call. The system also offers excellent control over what customers can hear. I can change marketing messages as required, create specific queues and add / remove lines as necessary. To monitor and improve agent performance and customer service, we use the call recording facility every day.

We recently opened another customer contact centre in Switzerland, so we use the VoIPOffice IVR to route some calls out there when resources in the UK are stretched. The system has therefore played a key role, uniting operations across Europe at a low cost and with few hardware / software changes.

I have no hesitation in recommending VoIP telephony and Telappliant, especially to businesses looking at moving away from a legacy phone system. Although extremely rare, every issue has been easily solved and our unconventional requirements are always met with a very attentive service. I have every confidence that VoIPOffice and the service from Telappliant will grow with the business in the future.

Customer Comment

We discovered Telappliant following a recommendation from a client. This is our first experience of VoIP telephony and we are extremely happy. VoIPOffice is very easy to use and provides us with the information we needed to ensure each agent in our UK Customer Contact Centre is managed effectively.

Irfan Dadabhai

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