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Solutions that help you recruit and place candidates

Recruitment consultants need the best tools for the job so they can match the right candidate with the right client at any time. The phone is a consultant’s most important tool, so it’s vital that they have the latest features at their fingertips.


Managed IT for Better Business

Leveraging advanced IT services helps streamline the recruitment process, from sourcing and tracking candidates to managing interviews and onboarding. Effective IT support ensures robust data security, reliable communication systems, and seamless integration of applicant tracking systems (ATS). This technology enables recruitment firms to manage large volumes of applicant data efficiently, ensure compliance with data protection regulations, and ultimately, improve their ability to place the right candidates swiftly and effectively.

Scalable Telephony

As new consultants join, your growth is accommodated with increasing virtual telephone lines and self-service platforms. With Microsoft Teams integration, make and receive calls from candidates using your desktop or mobile app.

Feature Rich Solutions

Our solutions are packed with a variety of powerful tools and functionalities tailored to meet specific industry needs, enhancing operational efficiency, data security, and user experience. Whether it’s through self-service web portals, seamless integrations, or strong analytics capabilities, our solutions empower organisations to achieve greater productivity and strategic insights, ensuring they stay ahead of their competition.

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Mobile and remote working

Unified Communications allows consultants to utilise desktop and mobile apps, to stay in touch from virtually anywhere. Utilise the collaborative capabilities of Microsoft Teams and have a single integrated communications client.

Key Benefits

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CRM Integration

Integrate our IT and communications solutions with the software applications you use to do business.

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Scalable Solutions

We make it easy for you to react to changing business requirements.

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Call Recording & Sentiment Analysis

Call recording, monitoring and metrics provide insightful statistics into how your staff respond to potential candidates.

Daniel Turner from BTC Activewear says…

After trials with several companies, we chose Telappliant for our VoIP call plan, SIP trunking channels and incoming phone numbers. Telappliant has unified our multiple phone systems, reduced our telephony costs, provided valuable support for growth and facilitated remote working. We couldn’t be more satisfied.

Alistair Castillo from De Cotta Law says…

We approached Telappliant following a recommendation from a client and have been a customer ever since. Telappliant provides us with a low-cost, flexible call package, which works perfectly with our VoIP PBX appliance and has a crystal clear billing arrangement.

Irfan Dadabhai from Conrad Electronics says…

We discovered Telappliant following a recommendation from a client. This is our first experience of VoIP telephony and we are extremely happy. VoIPOffice is very easy to use and provides us with the information we needed to ensure each agent in our UK Customer Contact Centre is managed effectively.

Gupi Wasan from E-Services Group says…

Telappliant brought together our three separate analogue phone systems into one low cost, high performance solution. I would most definitely recommend Telappliant to other businesses, especially call centres and those looking to unify their telecommunications.

Andy Arnell from Nomad Digital says…

The fact that calls between internal users are free, regardless of location, is excellent because we have so many branches in different countries. It’s also useful that we only have to dial four digits, rather than the country code and telephone number.

Henry Ayres from AngloINFO says…

Telappliant were more than happy to meet our changing needs with a flexible and accommodating package. Their VoIPOffice business telephone system is extremely cost-effective, scalable and reliable, and their ongoing support is invaluable

Trevor Tsang from Reassured says…

VoIPOffice has grown with the business and proved to be reliable and to significantly reduce our overheads. Telappliant is always happy to respond to our unique demands and I highly recommend VoIPOffice Hosted for Call Centres to other businesses.

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