AngloINFO is the world’s largest network of websites for English speakers living abroad.


Established in 2000, it operates in many regions around the world, providing vital support and information to approximately 2.5 million users every month.

AngloINFO was operating with an Asterisk Appliance PBX telephone system, an in-house solution that demanded significant amounts of time and technical expertise to maintain.

High call volumes were causing the three BT landlines to jam regularly. This problem was compounded by franchise calls often lasting for 20 minutes or more. As a result, regardless of the nature of their enquiry, callers were frequently queuing for long periods, if they could get through at all.

On a strategic level, the existing system was failing to support the company’s aggressive global growth strategy. In particular, users had to be present at the same location as the PBX, which was proving to be restrictive and unaccommodating to AngloINFO’s increasingly demanding needs.

With offices, employees and franchises around the world, AngloINFO wanted a cost-effective VoIP phone system that not only saved the business money, but also eliminated the need for in-house technical expertise. Lowering the cost of international calls and facilitating remote working, with no compromise on service quality, were key requirements.

The aggressive growth strategy meant the business telephone system had to be scalable to accommodate both current call / staff levels and future expansion. It also had to be flexible to meet changing needs and reliable to facilitate high volumes of excellent quality overseas calls

Customer Comment

I cannot recommend the VoIPOffice Hosted business telephone system and Business Multi Plan more highly. They are cost-effective, scalable and reliable. They are also very flexible and versatile. We initially started with just five users. Over the past 18 months this has increased to 25 and the system has effortlessly supported our growth.

What’s more, with the telephone system in place, we were able to close an office in France and switch to remote working. All employees are now connected by laptop softphones linked into the VoIP network. They are no longer tied down with a desktop phone and our customers are unaware their calls are often routed internationally.

Cost control is a high priority for us so it was great to have tested several call plans with Telappliant to determine the most cost-effective. Crucially, unlike the very rigid solutions from other service providers, we have flexibility and pay for what we use and not what we might use.

Most importantly, just knowing the system is working as it should and is in the safe hands of the technical support team is invaluable to me. This peace of mind is a weight off my shoulders and makes my very hectic schedule a little easier to manage.

Customer Comment

Telappliant were more than happy to meet our changing needs with a flexible and accommodating package. Their VoIPOffice business telephone system is extremely cost-effective, scalable and reliable, and their ongoing support is invaluable

Henry Ayres

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