E-Services Group

E-Services Group is a global marketing solutions, logistics operations and customer management company

E-Services Group

E-Services comprises of three separate businesses. It provides a complete ecommerce solution, including web design, affiliate marketing and social media.

E-Services Group first approached Telappliant in 2008 Its three businesses were each using separate Aviva analogue telephone systems, which was expensive, difficult to manage, and not conducive to inter-company communications.

E-Services wanted to unify the three businesses with one single and convenient VoIP telephony solution combined with various UK and international geographic phone numbers. The company also wanted to adopt a call queuing system and to receive detailed statistics on agent performance to improve customer service.

Customer Comment

We chose Telappliant because we knew they would deliver the functionality and service we needed. I particularly like the way VoIPOffice and its control panel are so easy to use. With just one system, it is easy to assign our agents to various queues and change their tasks and responsibilities as required. We can also easily change marketing messages for calls on hold to promote the special offers we are running.

In the four years we have been with Telappliant, we have had no major problems or issues and the call quality has been consistently very good. Telappliant has also effortlessly supported our rapid growth, extending our global presence with a range of inbound UK and international geographic numbers.

Customer Comment

Telappliant brought together our three separate analogue phone systems into one low cost, high performance solution. I would most definitely recommend Telappliant to other businesses, especially call centres and those looking to unify their telecommunications.

Gupi Wasan

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