The Future of Cloud Telephony has Begun

We live in a world that’s driven by technology. In the past decade alone, we’ve seen the rise of social media, an Apple revolution and broadband made available to the masses.

Why you should choose FTTC internet

But the question on everybody’s lips is the same: “What about the next ten years?” – everybody wants to know what is going to improve our lives in the future.

The perceptive among you will have some idea of where this is going – this is a blog about VoIP after all. So let us enlighten you as to why you no longer need wait for tomorrow. Cloud telephony has gone mainstream and the potential is already being reached. Technological advancements mean you can now do more than ever with your communication systems, today.

Be anywhere

Simple, appear anywhere at any time – the business owners among you know that running a business is a round-the-clock job, so it’s important to always be connected. Need to flash back to the office whilst on a beach? Not a problem. With cloud telephony you can make and receive calls from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop no matter where you are (you don’t even need an internet connection) whilst giving your customers the impression you are still in the office. This means you can take that much needed break whilst safely knowing that you’re just a click or call away from jumping back into the action.

Intelligent systems

Your telephone system can be intelligent; it can make decisions based on what is going on within your business. If you have a sales team pushing your services or products, you may want to distribute the calls evenly, this will ensure productivity is spread out fairly. Our system can tell who has had the most calls and it can tell who is on or off the phone at any given time. It will select who to route the call to based on the previous factors ensuring nobody is left out.  Alternatively, you can take a Darwinian approach – if you have a top dog in sales (the big cheese who is making the most conversions), you can set up your system to allow this person to receive the most calls. Our system will automatically look for them and they will have first refusal on any incoming call. Simply set the parameters you want and let the clever AI do the rest.

Increased visibility

With our unified communication tools, you can see your employees activity. The presence panel in communicator lets you know when a colleague is on or off the phone – knowing this information can increase productivity by providing you with the optimum time to place a call to them. You can listen into calls and even use the whisper feature to offer them nuggets of advice – this is particularly useful for training and staff development. By knowing your employees availability, you can work smarter and more efficiently.

The term VoIP is going to become so synonymous with business communications that in time the word is expected to disappear altogether– the technology labelled Voice over Internet Protocol will just simply be implied.

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