Planning Your Next Communication Solution

Planning is key to the success of any business whether its sales, marketing or infrastructure planning. Communication is the lifeblood of every company but choosing the right solution is often overlooked.

Why you should choose FTTC internet

Communication is the lifeblood of every company but making sure you have the best solution for your businesses needs is often overlooked. It may be that your internet connection and phone lines where included with your office or cutting telephony costs was prioritised over functionality when your current system was installed. So when planning a new phone system or upgrading a legacy system it’s worth putting the time in to map your requirements to make sure you get best solution your budget can afford. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts to consider when you’re planning your new phone system.


  • Review your local network access and broadband speeds
  • Your homework. Not all service providers are the same
  • Test your service provider before committing – call their support line
  • Use a VoIP provider that is a member of ITSPA and preferably one that has earned a Quality Mark certification


  • Use VoIP if your internet access is poor or slow
  • Try to cut costs on hardware and internet access – your firm’s reputation will be damaged by poor call quality
  • Choose separate providers for your phones, SIP trunks and broadband
  • Commit to long term contracts. If the service is not up to scratch you may be stuck with it

A phone for everyone

Although you may think that all phones were created equally the features of a VoIP phone can be tailored to the job of each user. So whether you have sales, support, marketing or directors find out what their needs are and then find a phone to suit them. For example sales will need an expansion module to deal with a large phone book, support will need call recording and directors will need a VIP line and call routing via a PA or virtual receptionist.

Your office

The size and location of your office will dictate some aspects of the infrastructure required for your new phone system. However some decisions will be influenced by how your office operates and the industry you’re in. Is the number of staff fixed or does it fluctuate? Will you be sending or receiving large amounts of data while calling? Do you require a secure or encoded line for sensitive information? Will you be hosting conference calls? And do you have offices abroad? Again write a list of all your offices activities and any new features that would be beneficial, as they may come with your new system. These will be invaluable when selecting a provider.

Join the cloud based telephony revolution

Once you have done your research and mapped your staff and office requirements you will be ready to work with your chosen telephony provider on creating your new phone system. You will then join the growing number of businesses that use a cloud based telephony system to improve their service and reduce their costs. If you would like any help with planning your new business phone system call our team today and they will be happy to help – 03455576100

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