No More Waiting Around For An Engineer

The time when you had to call your internet provider to book a visit from an engineer are over. The future of auto installing routers is here.

Why you should choose FTTC internet

The Telecoms industry has been through many changes over the last decade, the most recent developments have been in the installing and provisioning of new services. As the pace at which new technology is developed shows no sign of slowing the process of installing and upgrading has long been outdated. Telappliant are now offering an easy, self-install option across all its FTTC products. This gives you the freedom to install fibre broadband on your own terms, removing the unnecessary delays.

Ready to go out of the box

From now on all of our FTTC installations will be supplied with a pre-configured router, which is compatible with ADSL and VDSL connections. This self-install router is ready to go out of the box with no need to call out an engineer.

We now supply a TP-Link TD-W9980 N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit modem router worth £75, for free with all our new installations. Our new self-install package is designed to be easy, convenient and reliable.


  • Easy to upgrade from ADSL to VDSL as both connections work on the same router
  • Free router worth £75
  • No need to book a time slot and wait in for an engineer
  • Future proof your connection with the latest technology


When you receive your router, simply plug the new router into your phone socket and the system will self-install, activating the line and connecting to the Internet automatically. You no longer need an engineer to setup your hardware or guide you through the installation process, offering you the ultimate in flexible installation.

We strive to constantly improve our products and services to offer our customers more flexible solutions.

We recognise that not everyone will want to install their own connection and those who are not so technically savvy may prefer to book an engineer. Managed installs will still involve requesting an installation date and time for the visit from an Openreach engineer if this is the preferred option.

To find out more about this new FTTC installation service please contact our sales team.

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