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The rapid proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace has given rise to two significant trends: Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). While these trends offer numerous benefits, such as increased productivity and cost savings, they also pose risks to businesses that do not have proper MDM solutions in place. 

In the modern era of hybrid and remote working, the adoption of BYOD has vastly accelerated. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of MDM for businesses embracing BYOD, the risks associated with not implementing an MDM solution, the growth of BYOD, and how Telappliant can help businesses safeguard their data and enhance their mobile strategy.

The Growth of BYOD

With the growing demand for hybrid or remote working, many organisations have adopted BYOD policies to enable employees to work from home using their personal devices. This rapid shift to remote work and BYOD has brought several benefits, including:

  1. Cost savings: Companies can reduce their hardware and maintenance expenses by allowing employees to use their personal devices for work purposes.
  2. Flexibility: Employees can access work-related resources and collaborate with their colleagues from anywhere, at any time, increasing flexibility and work-life balance.
  3. Increased productivity: Employees often feel more comfortable and efficient using their own devices, leading to higher levels of productivity.

However, this sudden surge in BYOD adoption also presents challenges, particularly in terms of security and data management. Many businesses were forced to adapt quickly to remote work without having adequate time to implement proper MDM solutions, leaving them vulnerable to risks associated with unmanaged personal devices.

To fully reap the benefits of BYOD while mitigating risks, businesses must prioritise implementing a comprehensive MDM solution, such as one offered by Telappliant.

Risks of Not Implementing MDM

Not impementing an effective MDM solution while adopting a BYOD policy can expose businesses to several risks, including:

  1. Data breaches: Unauthorised access to sensitive company information can lead to data breaches, resulting in financial losses, damaged reputation, and potential legal consequences.
  2. Loss or theft of devices: Personal devices are more likely to be lost or stolen compared to company-owned devices, increasing the risk of unauthorised access to confidential data.
  3. Malware and viruses: Personal devices may lack adequate security measures, increasing the risk of malware and virus infections that can compromise company data and systems.
  4. Compliance violations: Organisations subject to industry-specific regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA) may face compliance issues if they fail to implement proper security measures on personal devices used for work purposes.
  5. Decreased productivity: Without proper management of applications and device usage, employees may be more prone to distractions, reducing overall productivity.

How Telappliant Can Help with MDM

At Telappliant, we understand the challenges businesses face when implementing BYOD policies. That’s why we offer comprehensive MDM solutions to help organisations mitigate risks and enjoy the benefits of BYOD:

  1. Robust security: Our MDM solution provides robust security features, such as device encryption, remote wipe, and password enforcement, ensuring the protection of sensitive company data.
  2. Application management: We enable businesses to control and manage the applications installed on employees’ devices, ensuring that only approved and secure applications are used for work purposes.
  3. Compliance support: Our MDM solution helps businesses meet regulatory requirements by providing features such as data loss prevention (DLP), access control, and auditing capabilities.
  4. Device monitoring: Telappliant’s MDM solution allows organizations to monitor device usage, identify potential risks, and take corrective actions when necessary.
  5. Remote support: Our remote support capabilities allow IT teams to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve device-related issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless operations.

Telappliant introduces MDM Solutions for Business

Recognising the growing need for reliable and efficient MDM solutions, Telappliant has partnered with SOTI, a global leader in mobile and IoT device management solutions. SOTI MobiControl, is a comprehensive, secure, and flexible solution that allows businesses to manage and support their mobile workforce effectively.

Telappliant MDM solutions offer businesses the following benefits:

  1. Proven expertise: Working with a partner with extensive experience in providing MDM solutions to organisations worldwide, ensuring a high level of expertise and knowledge in mobile device management.
  2. Enhanced security: MobiControl provides robust security features, including device encryption, remote lock and wipe, geofencing, and secure app and content management, to protect sensitive company data on personal devices.
  3. Streamlined device management: MobiControl offers a user-friendly interface and powerful tools to manage and monitor devices easily, allowing IT administrators to enforce policies, track device usage, and troubleshoot issues remotely.
  4. Seamless integration: MobiControl integrates with existing enterprise systems, including email, VPN, and Wi-Fi, ensuring a seamless experience for both employees and IT teams.
  5. Scalability: MobiControl’s flexible and scalable architecture allows businesses to grow and adapt their MDM strategy as their needs evolve.
  6. Single supplier: as an existing supplier of mobile phone contracts, IoT device SIMs, and 5G router solutions (for emergency backup, alternative to fibre broadband), Telappliant can now also provide MDM software as an add-on to your existing devices.


Implementing a comprehensive MDM solution, such as SOTI MobiControl offered through Telappliant, is crucial for businesses adopting BYOD policies to safeguard their data and enhance productivity.

With Telappliant’s range of managed IT services, businesses can confidently embrace the future of mobile work and drive success in today’s increasingly connected world.

Find out more by clicking the button below where you can also get a 30 day free MDM trial and see how your business can benefit.

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