MSR Business Consulting

MSR Business Consulting serves an international client base through its offices in the UK and India.

MSR Business Consulting

From the UK, MSR delivers business and technology consulting and provides IT services, product-based solutions and infrastructure management services.

MSR first approached Telappliant in 2011. The company was using a traditional analogue phone system, which offered little flexibility or functionality. Frustratingly, MSR was not able to deliver customised regional services, which was limiting the telephony experience for both employees and customers.

MSR wanted a cost-effective VoIP phone system that would provide flexibility for customised services across its various offices. A high level of customer account support was also an important requirement.

Customer Comment

Telappliant has delivered an easy to manage VoIP telephony solution which enables us to customise the services and experiences we provide to our clients across our international branches. In addition to an excellent product, the level of ongoing service and support is outstanding.

Surojit Roy

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