Douglas Stafford

Douglas Stafford is a champion of the performance improvement industry through its mystery shopping, training and development services.

Douglas Stafford

When Douglas Stafford first approached Telappliant in 2007, the company was using BT’s telephony services with a Cisco PBX. The system was expensive, inflexible and unable to accommodate the company’s growing needs. More recently, Douglas Stafford has faced high charges for mobile phone calls with a separate supplier.

With high call volumes, Douglas Stafford wanted a cost-effective VoIP phone system that not only saved money, but also provided additional flexibility and functionality. Call monitoring and recording to improve customer service in conjunction with its mystery shopping service were particularly important requirements. Having conducted extensive market research, Douglas Stafford identified Telappliant’s VoIPOffice™ Hosted telephony system as the best solution for their requirements.

Customer Comment

We’ve worked with Telappliant since 2007 and they have responded to our constantly evolving need ever since. Most importantly, the VoIPOffice Hosted telephony system provides us with low cost calls. The system’s flexibility and functionality however are also major benefits.

Ben Sargeant

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