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Public Admin & Defence

Solutions that are more secure

Public admin and defence organisations require robust, reliable and secure communications. It’s crucial to succeed within these regulated and information sensitive environments. With budgets for communications also on the decline, it’s never been more important to pick a provider that is both economically viable and rich in security and functionality.

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Avoid big investments

Our systems are low capex, meaning that you do not need a lot of initial investment to have a technologically superior phone system.


Scale your system easily

Traditional telephone solutions are quite unforgiving when it comes to upgrading or expanding. It can be a pain from both a financial and timely point of view. With that in mind, we offer cost-effective upgrades that require no new physical infrastructure, whilst promising a quick turnaround.

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Enhanced resiliency and reliability

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures a secure and reliable service, whilst we also provide industry-leading disaster recovery options, ensuring business continuity in emergency situations.

Key benefits

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Low Investment

Low initial investment removes risk

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Scalable Systems

Easily scalable systems promote business growth

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Disaster Recovery

Full disaster recovery options offer enhanced safety

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