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Strengthen Your Human Firewall with Security Awareness Training

Comprehensive Security Awareness Training for Your Business

Security Awareness Training

Why does your business need Security Awareness Training?

In today’s digital landscape, while technology offers robust defenses, the human element often remains the most vulnerable link. Security Awareness Training is pivotal for businesses, as it addresses human errors, often a leading cause of data breaches. By training employees, businesses not only fortify their weakest link against cyberattacks but also ensure compliance with the UK’s stringent data protection regulations.

Proactive measures safeguard a company’s reputation and prove to be cost-effective in the long run, preventing the substantial expenses and time loss associated with rectifying breaches. In essence, Security Awareness Training cultivates a culture of cybersecurity vigilance, empowering every team member to protect the organisation’s digital assets and standing.

With our Security Awareness Training you gain:

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Robust Human Firewall

Our training highlights the individual’s importance in establishing an organisation’s human firewall – and how essentially each and every employee is in corporate cybersecurity, from prevention to protection, to response and recovery.

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Security Mindset Building

Our automated training offers bespoke, needs-based training. Each user receives as much training as is necessary. We will simulate sophisticated attacks to build knowledge of attacks and the variations they come in.

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Progress Measurement

To measure progress, we use an industry-wide unique benchmark, constantly measuring and comparing the organisations and employee security behaviour. This allows us and you to clearly see where there may be pitfalls and what areas need attention.

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