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Your brand says everything about you and your business. We think outside the box to deliver brands that are unique and standout in a competitive marketplace. We can develop names, logos and brand collateral that best represent your business. Work with team Telappliant and we’ll help you achieve your branding goals.

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Logo Design

Far more than just looking nice… your logo builds trust, recognition and loyalty for you and your business. Getting it right is vital, so let us research your sector or industry and come up with some smashing ideas that not only you will love – but your customers will too.

Brand guidelines

Brand Strategy

We will work with you to help define your businesses personality, values and positioning. We’ll discuss your business goals and will apply strategic thinking in effort to make your brand as effective as possible.

Hartificial Branding

Brand Guidelines

We can create your brand from the ground up and create your brand guidelines, or branding bible as the industry calls it. This guide will detail your brand in finer detail such as the colours used, the position and use of your logo and your tagline.

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