How To Beat Your Competitors With A New Phone System

How To Beat Your Competitors With A New Phone System

Learn how to beat your competitors with improved business productivity. Using new phone systems and tools you’ll be able to make your business stand out.

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IT and technology are evolving at such a rapid pace, but the number of businesses offering like-for-like services and products is also growing. This means market places are becoming more and more competitive.

So if you’re wondering how to beat your competitors, one proven way we recommend is to improve your internal communications and overall infrastructure to increase your customer loyalty and retention.

But how can you achieve this?

1. Are you busy or productive?

Being busy does not mean being productive. Productivity is working efficiently, freeing up time to focus on other tasks. A busy person might take up to three times longer to complete a task than a productive person. Achieving optimum productivity is often hailed as the key to business success.

How to improve business productivity

Improve your company’s productivity with better departmental integration. Attainable through small changes such as a new phone system, enhanced business productivity will make your company stand out amongst the competition. Unified communications systems, streamlined calling systems and cloud-based operations mean that your business can perform to its fullest potential, making you more productive. You can increase your overall productivity by using VoIPOffice™, our business phone system that empowers businesses to grow, compete and build out their flexible working picture.

2. Reach more customers

Your communications infrastructure can be improved externally as well as internally. What if you could reach more customers with a system that has capacity for scalability? VoIPOffice™ not only enables your business to widen its reach in terms of customers, but it is also proven to drive customer satisfaction. Its intelligent routing system is designed to make communications seamless, assuring your customers that your support network is there and that they can get where they need to be.

But this extended reach doesn’t just have to be external. What about more connectivity within the business? Make sure you and your colleagues are aware of who is talking to who with internal communications platforms. VoIPOffice™ Communicator is a multi-platform Unified Communications application that enables all devices to make voice and video calls, saving you time and money. You’ll be able to utilise functions such as instant messaging, call management and conferencing. These systems are specifically designed to improve business productivity and output.

It may be worth considering other ways you can streamline successful reach. In our blog “How SIP Trunks Could Save You Money”, we outline how removing physical phone lines could be positive for your business from a financial perspective, but also with reaching more customers and making your business stand out.

3. Remove barriers to scalability and business growth

If your communication infrastructure is causing roadblocks in terms of business growth and scalability, what can you do to remove them? What tweaks can you make? What tools can you leverage? Maybe try and alternative communications channel such as SMS for reaching out to your customers?

An example of an SMS provider, such as Voodoo SMS boasts worldwide network coverage, scheduled and branded SMS amongst other benefits, making it ideal for delivery updates, reminders and bulk marketing. To improve your business’ productivity, Voodoo SMS offers affordable messaging at scale. Coupled with cloud telephony, you’ll be able to sidestep potential roadblocks and make moves to enhance your business communication strategy. For example, VoIPOffice™ encompasses your whole phone system and allows you to make calls over the internet, using a cloud-based interface, improving departmental integration and overall productivity.


By improving internal productivity and departmental integration, businesses can prioritise effectively and work out the best way to make their business stand out ahead of their competitors. Streamlining workloads through effective prioritisation is possible, with a simple move to faster systems that do more. You’ll soon see how you can improve productivity, improve customer loyalty and beat your competitors.

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