36 Business VoIP Features Explained

Join us as we count down some of our favourite business VoIP features.

Why you should choose FTTC internet

It’s no secret that our cloud communications solution, VoIPOffice, has plenty of features. So much so that we can’t always devote enough time to explaining them fully on our website.

So we have created this run down of some of the most popular features, complete with lightning fast explanations. Click here if you’d rather go straight to our business telephony solutions.

36. Music on hold

Don’t give your customers the silent treatment whilst they’re on hold. Play a selected track from our library or even upload your own to ease the pain of waiting.

35. Call queues

Ensure your customers go to the right place by automatically distributing inbound calls and manage expectations by letting them know their place in the queue.

34. Skills-based routing

Route calls based on the agent performance and ability. This is great if you have a top salesman whom you want to give first refusal on calls.

33. Per user pricing model

Some companies will try and make you pay for users you don’t have. Not us, you’ll only pay for the amount of users that are using the system.

32. Call whispering

Shh! Coach staff through calls without the caller hearing. Also, take over the call if you want to show them how it’s done.

31. Click-to-dial

Bored of dialing telephone numbers? Click-to-dial telephone numbers in emails, browser or MS Office applications.

30. Audio conferencing

Two-way calling is so old fashioned. Arrange audio conferences with internal and external participants.

29. Account management

There’s nothing quite like dealing with a human. From the moment you begin, you’ll have your own personal account manager to cater to your every communication need.

28. On-screen directory

Stay organised and see your contacts on the screen. Sort into groups, transfer calls and see who’s available and who’s not at any given time.

27. Gold numbers

Vanity telephones numbers that pop off the screen/paper/tongue. Get a number that looks great AND is easy to remember for your customers. Win/Win.

26. Video conferencing

Stop letting people hide behind a telephone. Doing business face-to-face is proven to increase sales, whilst also helping you improve client relations.

25. Quick provisioning

Business VoIP and speed go hand in hand. Services such as telephone numbers, SIP trunks and additional extensions are with you much faster than traditional services.

24. Multi-site working

Do you have multiple offices? Great! Business VoIP solutions seamlessly work across all sites. There’s no need for connecting cables, just fire up your Internet and you’re ready.

23. Disaster recovery

Your communications are safer with VoIP. If your old school telephone system goes down, you’ll need an on-site engineer. With VoIP? You’re online again in just minutes.

22. Softphones

Sometimes you need flexibility. Softphones allow you to make calls through your business telephone system using your tablet, computer or even a mobile phone!

21. Business Internet

Internet services optimised for VoIP give your calls, however many, the crispest of quality.

20. Flexible answering

Use virtual receptionists to route calls to departments or individuals, without the need for human intervention. 

19. User control panel

Empower your employees to control the routing of their calls and other features with your own customisable control panel.

18. Numbers

Local, national or even International. Whichever telephone numbers you need, we can supply them in abundance, giving your customers extra flexibility in calling you.

17. Inbound call escalation

Never miss a call again, even when a team or department is unavailable thanks to our advanced call answering functionality.

16. Call centre functionality

Wallboards, statistics and plenty more features make it easy for you to control your call centre communications with a business VoIP solution.

15. CRM integration

Easily integrate with several CRMs like Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho and Call Pro, giving you more functionality than you thought was possible.

14. Smartqueue

Transforms your caller experience by reducing wait times, cutting abandonment rate and allowing you to answer more calls.

13. Service messages

Play service messages before calls or during out-of-hours to give callers important information about your business.

12. Follow me

Leaving the office? No problem, have your calls follow you around and receive them on whichever device you are currently using.

11. Call monitoring

Are you a statistics junkie? Keep a record of the all calls happening in your office, in real-time, too!

10. Presence

Know who’s on the phone and who’s not by using Presence. Never get the engaged tone again!

9. Inclusive minutes

A whole bunch of local, national and international minutes available to you to make calls without spending a penny.

8. Hot desking

Desk surf around your office. Don’t be confined to one workspace, use your login details to go work wherever you’ve got Internet.

7. 24/7 support

Talk to a human based in the UK and solve any problems that you might have, every minute of every day.

6. Free VoIP-to-VoIP calls

Calling between offices just got cheaper. Much cheaper. You won’t pay anything for calling numbers on your system.

5. Call recording

Record calls for training, security and customer service purposes. Listen to your calls back and perfect your craft.

4. Home working

Snowing outside? Don’t want to get wet? Fancy staying in your pyjamas for the day? That’s fine, you can get full office functionality from the comfort of your duvet.

3. Virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist routes your calls for you, removing the need for a human switchboard. It’ll save you time, money and make your customers happy.

2. Smartstats

Designed to keep you versed in customer and user behaviour, SmartStats enables you to make pro-active and informed decisions based on trending key factors. Know what’s happening in your business and act upon it.

1. VoIPOffice Communicator

The hub of your office. Instant message your colleagues, transfer calls, activate audio conferences and much more. Will become as important as the phone itself and you’ll feel lost without this business enhancing unified communications platform. It’s good then that it’s available to you wherever you go.

Want to know the 36 features that we didn’t have time for here? Get in touch!

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