3 signs you’re ready for a Superfast Internet connection

If you’re often waiting a little longer for pages to load than you would like then you need to upgrade your internet connection. A ‘Superfast’ connection as the name suggest could speed things up dramatically.

Why you should choose FTTC internet

Superfast [soo-pur-fast]


extremely fast:
super-fast internet access/connection. More customers demand a super-fast internet connection at work and at home.

Superfast Internet is the hot topic in communications. The average download speed in the UK is just 14Mbps so there are lots of people that would benefit from a faster business connection.

Let us provide you with a few of the telltale signs that suggest that you may be ready to invest in the latest in Superfast internet connections.

3. You wait around for your Internet

A study by Relish recently found that the average computer user loses about one week a year in productivity due to slow connections. The study evaluated that the most time-consuming delays were caused by waiting for files to upload and/or download.

The average UK wage is £26,500, so you could be losing over £500 per year, per user in lost productivity, due to slow Internet. An FTTC Internet connection is not that much more expensive than standard broadband, so you’ll easily save by switching to a faster service.

2. You wish for a better work-life balance

The office for National Statistics has confirmed that home working is on the rise, with 4.2 million people in the UK (6.5% of the population) now working from home, compared to 2.9 million (4.9% of the population) doing the same in 1998. Working from home allows many people to achieve a better work-life balance, especially those with young children.

By working from home, you’re able to eliminate those long and tedious commutes, just by upgrading to a faster Internet connection in order to maintain communication (such as for video conferencing or accessing business systems) with your office.

1.  You like to be prepared

A potential disaster is always just around the corner, whether a fire or flood caused by your office or another office in your building. Being prepared pays for companies that need to stay online.

With a well maintained network infrastructure and high-speed Internet connection, staff can quickly and seamlessly carry on working from home achieving 100% business continuity, even with nobody in the office.

To summarise, our lives are now more connected than ever, with the average user connecting to the Internet with several devices per day. Unfortunately, traditional broadband is unable to cope with such demands and you may need to upgrade your connection to make the most of your working day.

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