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Compete with bigger firms using VoIP

Telephony solutions that help you compete

With startups and small businesses suffering from increased competition and over-saturated markets, it’s vital that you beat the competition with telephony solutions that empower you to make your mark.

Whether you’re improving your internal communications infrastructure or improving communication with your customers, our VoIP and other telephony solutions can help.

The deep functionality embedded within cloud-communication technology and, in particular, cloud telephony, can offer your business an efficient way of competing with more established businesses with bigger resources.

Emerge greater with cloud communication

Smaller businesses can make use of virtual receptionists, a built-in feature of our cloud telephony solution VoIPOffice™,  to give the impression that their company is larger than it actually is. If you only have a few people in your company, you can design your virtual receptionist so that it prompts callers to choose a department that they wish to talk to: sales, customer service, support, etc. Then, whatever the caller does choose, they will be routed to the person assigned to answer all of the calls.

Beat the competition with a better first impression

Compete with larger businesses by giving the right impression, the first time. Incoming numbers can immediately provide your business with a good first impression before anyone has even picked up a phone. Telappliant’s range of localinternationalmemorable and Freephone numbers add professionalism to your business, allowing you to beat the competition regardless of your situation.

Free up funds with telephony solutions

Telephony solutions such as VoIPOffice gives businesses a chance to have all the features and functionality of an enterprise telephony system on a budget. By spending less capital on your telephone system, you free up funds for other important business necessities.

Key Benefits

120 customer service

Virtual Receptionist

Appear bigger with a virtual receptionist

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First Impressions

Incoming numbers generate a professional first impression

80 quality assured

Generate Funds

Generate funds for other business necessities

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