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VoIPOffice Video Meetings

Go beyond video conferencing with screen share, group chat, drag-and-drop functionality and more, all from your cloud phone system and at no extra cost.

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VoIPOffice Video Meetings allows you to meet with multiple users simultaneously, while offering video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, remote control and group chat.

You can also schedule meetings in advance and even set up recurring meetings that suit your team’s needs.

For customers with Microsoft-based environments, our phone systems offer full Microsoft Teams integration so that you can make and receive phone calls and conduct video calls directly from your Microsoft Teams client. Think of Teams as a software telephone which also does messaging and video!

Video Conferencing

Have virtual conferences that feel like face-to-face meetings

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Screen Share

Show your work by sharing your desktop or a specific application

Meeting Instant Messaging

Quietly share information or send links through chat

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Meeting Management

Gain more control with tools to manage past and upcoming meetings.

  • Schedule meetings
  • Send email notifications
  • Manage past meetings
  • Leave or end a meeting with the click of a button

Participant Management

View the participant list and add or remove attendees with ease

  • Drag-and-drop to add participants
  • Add non-gloCOM users with their email or phone number
  • Prompt a participant to share their screen
  • Mute individual participant(s) or all participants at once
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Public Meetings

Added support for public meetings. This is a meeting where everyone can join with the meeting number. There is no need to invite users. The public meeting checkbox is added in the meeting module window and in the schedule dialog. The user may change a meeting to and from regular and public during the meeting

Record Meetings

Bring meeting details to people who were not able to attend the meeting live. Record video and/or audio.

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What are the benefits?

save your money

Improve Efficiency

Save time with starting ad hoc meetings quickly and adding participants as required.

Customer satisfaction

Collaborate Remotely

Feel like you are really together with video & audio plus chat, screenshare, and more.

increase productivity

Save Costs

No need for additional software. VoIPOffice Meetings is part of your cloud phone system.

VoIPOffice Pricing


per month per extension

Max Participants


Max Duration Per Meeting

1 Hour


Just £1.50
per month per extension

Max Participants


Max Duration Per Meeting

4 Hours

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