Mobile Connectivity with Intelligent 5G Routers

We now offer a range of intelligent 4G / 5G routers which provide instantly-available high speed mobile connectivity for a number of business applications. Ideal for temporary environments or where access to physical connectivity is limited.

M2M IoT Sims

Why use our Routers?

Our smart routers are not just pieces of equipment – they are advanced tools that can connect and manage various devices in your home or office, making them smarter and more connected.

Innovative technology empowers these routers to adapt to your needs, optimise data usage, and provide real-time insights into your network.

They harness the immense potential of 4G / 5G networks, ensuring lightning-fast data transfer rates and low latency connections. Whether you’re streaming data, managing remote devices, or transmitting critical information, we deliver performance that exceeds your expectations.

Features designed to meet your business needs


Elevate Your Machine-to-Machine Applications

Applications in a variety of industries, such as industrial automation, smart agriculture, remote monitoring, and other fields that demand robust connectivity.


Tailored Connectivity, Unmatched Performance

From compact designs for space-constrained environments to high-capacity solutions for data-intensive applications.


Reliability Redefined

Trust in a connectivity solution that doesn’t compromise on reliability. Our routers are built advanced failover mechanisms, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in challenging environments.


Seamless Integration, Effortless Management

With intuitive management interfaces and remote monitoring capabilities, you’re in complete control of your network, even from a distance.

Discover the Future of Connectivity

Experience connectivity that’s faster, smarter, and more reliable. Embrace a future where your M2M and IoT applications thrive on seamless communication.

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