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Is data loss or downtime threatening your bottom line? Consider the potential damage from power failures, hardware malfunctions, cyber threats, data corruption, human mistakes, or natural calamities to your data infrastructure. Telappliant CloudStore is a private cloud backup solution, providing robust data protection and peace of mind for your organisation. Gain rapid restoration of your business ecosystem, reduced downtime and minimal disruption to your operational workflow.

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Cloud Backup & DR: Safeguarding Business Continuity

Business continuity is underpinned by two pivotal components: Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR). While DR encompasses the strategic planning to ensure business processes remain unaffected during unforeseen circumstances, Cloud Backup serves as the foundational tool to realise this strategy. By facilitating the secure and instantaneous retrieval of critical data, cloud backup solutions prevent potential disruptions. Should unexpected data loss occur—from hardware failures, cyber threats, or human errors—cloud backup ensures that data restoration is both seamless and swift. Integrating cloud backup into your IT strategy not only enhances your disaster recovery plans but also reinforces the assurance of data security and availability for your organisation.

Telappliant CloudStore™

CloudStore is our cloud backup solution for organisations, designed to address the dynamic demands of today’s businesses. CloudStore seamlessly combines innovative features with user-friendly functionality, ensuring your data remains protected and accessible whenever you need it. Among its many capabilities, CloudStore provides rapid data retrieval, robust military grade encryption standards, and scalable storage options. All data backups are mirrored across multiple UK-exclusive data centres, guaranteeing adherence to jurisdictional and data protection standards.

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Awesome Benefits

80 secure shield


All data is secured using industry standard
256-bit encryption.

120 settings 1


Backups are replicated to two geographically diverse data centres

120 cloud computing

UK data centres

Our data centres are fully UK ISO 27001 certified

120 customer service

UK Support

UK-based support via telephone
or our online service desk

120 scalable


Increase your storage capacity as your requirements grow


A choice of options to decide the best storage strategy for your organisation.

Ideal for

pcs 2


windows 2

Microsoft Servers

VPS Instances 1

VPS instances

oracle 3

Oracle databases

vmware 2


mysql 2

MYSQL Databases

hyper v 2


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