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Emergency Broadband
as a Service

In the event of you losing your standard business internet connection, Emergency Broadband as a Service is an affordable emergency connection, which serves as an alternative to expensive high-end guaranteed internet services.

emergency broadband

Ideal for SMEs

Even the best standard business internet connections experience some downtime every six months or so. Guaranteed connection internet services exist, but can be prohibitively expensive for small business owners. Inevitably, some business owners eventually end up having to manage the consequences of internet downtime, which knocks on to other areas such as order fulfilment potential or staff performance, and looks unprofessional.

Fortunately, our EBaaS offering fills this gap in the market, helping small business owners on a budget, greatly minimise the impact of internet downtime. It connects to the internet using alternative methods such as mobile data to provide a back up connection during periods of downtime. EBaaS provides a pre-configured “ready to go” solution.

Our Features

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Speedy first class recovery solution

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Prevent internet loss related staff downtime, fulfilment issues and frustrated customers with our emergency broadband solution.

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