Embracing the Future: Transitioning to SIP Trunks for Better Business Communications

What you need to know about the September 2023 Stop-Sell of traditional phone line services.

SIP Trunks
We want to keep you informed about the industry changes that could significantly impact your business operations and why moving to SIP Trunks could benefit you.

The Shift Away from PSTN Networks

In 2018, Openreach announced the closure of the PSTN network, with a complete shutdown scheduled for December 2025. However, a crucial date that might have escaped your notice is September 2023. On this date, there will be a nationwide halt in sales of traditional phone line services, which have been the backbone of voice and broadband fibre connections for many years.

The Opportunity for Advancement

While change can be daunting, it also brings growth opportunities. This transition presents a chance for your business to upgrade to superior, future-proof technology: SIP Trunks. SIP Trunks represent the next generation of voice services, offering higher quality, greater reliability, and more flexibility compared to traditional phone lines. By utilising your internet connection, SIP Trunks eliminate the need for separate voice and data networks, resulting in significant cost savings.

Time to Plan for the Transition

With less than 2 months left before the main halt in sales comes into place, it’s crucial to start planning your transition to SIP Trunks or other future-proof services like SOGEA and FTTP. Making this change as early as possible will reduce the hassle of converting later down the line. Furthermore, where FTTP is available, you can benefit from a consistent and high-performing internet connection, potentially becoming the last connection you’ll ever need.

How Telappliant Can Assist You

At Telappliant, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout this transition. Since the announcement of the traditional network closure in 2018, we have closely monitored the changes in the telecommunications industry and provided our customers with detailed content and regular updates. We aim to guide you through the process and ensure a smooth and seamless migration to SIP Trunks or other modern communication solutions.

Our Extensive Connectivity Solutions

At Telappliant, we offer an extensive portfolio of connectivity solutions and IP Voice (Internet telephony) services. We are well-equipped to assist you in migrating from traditional services, regardless of whether it’s a simple single-line journey or a complex multi-site project.

Take the Next Step

For more information on the upcoming changes and how SIP Trunks can benefit your business, or if you are planning to make the move from legacy to Internet telephony communications, click the link below. We’ll be in touch to discuss your plans further and ensure a successful transition to advanced communication solutions that cater to your business needs.

Embrace the future of communication with Telappliant and unleash the full potential of your business.

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