Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

Considering investing in cloud-based solutions for your business? Unsure of whether to choose public or private cloud hosting? Learn more in our blog.

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Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

While many cloud service providers offer the platforms needed for more cost-effective hosting solutions, there is the question of private cloud vs public cloud.

If your business is considering moving to the cloud, but you’re unsure of what each cloud type entails, read on to discover more…

What is private cloud?

Referred to as a single tenant environment, a private cloud involves computing resources that are rented by a single business. Private clouds are only available to the businesses that manage them (although the exception to this would be virtual private clouds, but more about them below).
Traditional private cloud hosting is an infrastructure that is located away from a business’ site but is fully dedicated to that business. Virtual private clouds can be created within a multi-tenant public cloud environment and shared by various users. To share this cloud within the environment, the network would be separated into private sub-networks.

The business would be responsible for the management and maintenance of their private cloud servers, and for planning future changes when capacity becomes an issue.

What is public cloud?

The public cloud is a service which is made available to the general public and is generally accessed over the internet. Public clouds are also known as multi-tenant environments and are regarded as being effective solutions for on-demand computing. 
All the responsibilities of managing and maintaining the server, including updates and recovery, sit with the service providers. However, some public cloud providers will expect businesses to take responsibility for security level maintenance.

So, what is the difference between public and private cloud servers?

Now you know the basic characteristics of each cloud type, let’s drill into the differences between both, so you can decide which is better suited to your business’ requirements.

Private cloud

  • Full private network
  • Option to set up virtual cloud subnetworks for multi-users
  • Gives businesses full control over network administration and allocating resource
  • Can be on-site if you build your own private cloud network
  • High IT overhead costs
  • Requires setup costs and maintenance costs

Public cloud

  • Off-site
  • No upfront cost
  • Low IT overhead costs
  • Public network – can face security and compliance issues
  • Unpredictability of costs
  • Management of costs can be challenging (demand is linked to price, so you could experience “bill shock”)
  • Access to a containerised marketplace of different applications

When deliberating between private cloud and public cloud, you should consider whether your business needs a dedicated data centre, or whether you need to connect with clients or customers in different locations. You may also find that your business doesn’t yet have the internal resource to maintain and manage a private cloud solution effectively.

If the idea of a public cloud server appeals to you, but you’re uncertain about the security that comes with it, we have a solution.

At Telappliant, we can provide a secure connection to the public cloud known as a “public cloud interconnect”. This makes sure that the least secure point between your office connection and the public server is secured, giving you peace of mind.

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