PB EX: It’s not me, it’s you

When both parties agree to split, then breaking up can seem pretty easy. Join us for an honest look at why old relationships are no longer standing the test of time.

Why you should choose FTTC internet

If you’re lucky, you may be one of those annoying few that can laugh at how simple it was to move on and still remain friends post-breakup. However, unless you’re part of that 0.1% (also known as a myth), then usually it’s not so straightforward.

pb ex broken heart

People often drag out a breakup because they don’t want to hurt each others’ feelings or because they desire for the situation to improve.

They may have invested time, emotion and finances into the relationship and think that, if they cut loose now, they’ll be branded a failure.

Let’s be honest, no matter what the reason, breaking up with your old telephone system is never easy, but it’s not you, it’s them. 

Usually the toughest part is knowing when to call it quits, so we’ve crunched the numbers and provided a few of the signs that suggest you may want to get rid of dead wood and start a modern online relationship instead.

One of you is stuck in the past

pb ex old fashioned

Hey, 1950 called, it wants its telephone system back. Seriously though, isn’t it annoying when your telephone system refuses to move with the times, even when it’s so old that new parts are no longer being manufactured for it?

Okay, we’re being a little unfair. You could always spend a few hours finding a supplier that still has the required parts, ship them from China and hire an engineer to weld the new addition, if there’s space, to the side of your system.

Sure, your telephone may be down for the duration of the 2-week construction, but afterwards, you will be able to transfer calls whenever you want, so… worth it?

You fight more than you have fun

pb ex hierogylph

After a long day at the office, the last thing you need is your telephone system playing up before you’re about to leave. Cutting out randomly, routing calls to wherever, and displaying service messages in hieroglyphics are all problems that are bound to cause headaches at the end of a stressful Monday.

But let’s give your legacy system the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe it did not like it when you stuck that ruler in it. However, you were just trying to fix another issue, and in your defence, this did stop the oil from spilling out, so who can you really blame?

That cute thing is not cute anymore

pb ex infinity

Things were so great at the start, weren’t they? You would just have to make a quick call, and voilà, 20-30 days later you would have a new ISDN line installed – brilliant!

Recently, though, you’re starting to find it pretty annoying, like when someone is initially hilarious, but ends up doing the same joke over and over until you realise it was never that funny in the first place (see our blogs for primary examples of this). 

Seriously though, when you see your competitors getting their telephony upgrades in less than an hour, you can be forgiven for not getting the joke anymore. It was nice whilst it lasted, though.

You’re constantly checking out younger models online

pb ex younger model

We have to admit, we are guilty of this too. We often look longingly at our old black and white printer and wish it could print colour or scan, or fax, or fax and scan at the same time.

Our fingers start to twitch and we open up Google and type in “world class business printer”. The search results come back and we feel an instant guilt, quickly closing the browser before our printer catches us cheating.

But the next day, we feel that twitch again. It’s an addiction that won’t stop until we’ve placed the order.

We could try the 12 step recovery program, but we know it’s not going to stop until we’re printing out colour documents and sending them to our email address via the scan feature; before printing them out and faxing them back to our ourselves, which, because of fax-to-email technology, end up right back in our inbox.

Ah, we can dream.

So, if you are experiencing the heartbreak of above, then you may be in a toxic relationship with your legacy telephone system and should consider turning your PBX into a PB EX.  

Ensure your telephone system is in another room before checking out these business benefits of an online relationship, no strings attached, it’ll be our little secret.

Okay, we’re off to order a new printer.

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