How to choose between DSL, FTTC or ethernet?

Choosing between DSL, FTTC or ethernet can be difficult. In this article, we’ll explain how to assess which Internet connection is best suited to your business.

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Not sure what type of data service is right for your business? This guide is for you.

Choosing a business Internet solution for your company can be difficult. By answering our quick questionnaire below, you can instantly find out more about what connections are available, and which may be best suited to your business.


Answer the following questions in order to find out which connection type is right for your business:

1. How many employees need to use the Internet?

The more users you have, and the more the complicated their online tasks, the more bandwidth you will need.

  • 1. 1-5 employees
  • 2. 6-20 employees
  • 3. 20+ employees

Remember: All staff share the same bandwidth, so it’s important to have a connection that will be able to handle lots of users at the same time.

2. What tasks do they use the Internet for on a daily basis?

Your usage levels will determine what kind of connection you require.

  • 1. Email, general Internet browsing
  • 2. Stream HD content, use cloud applications, video conferencing
  • 3. Access work network from home, upload/download large files, VPN usage

Remember: If you are exhausting your bandwidth too quickly, you will need to consider getting an unlimited Internet package.

3. How important is the Internet to your business?

Different Internet services come with different service level agreements which guarantee that any issues are resolved in a specific amount of time.

  • 1. Internet is fairly important to business operations
  • 2. Internet is very important to operations
  • 3. Internet is critical to operations

Remember: Besides a high cost, downtime can hurt businesses in many ways, including loss of revenue, reputation, customers, opportunities, productivity and data.

4. What is your budget?

Regardless of your budget, you can still get an Internet connection that suits your business requirements.

  • 1. Under £20 per month
  • 2. Under £50 per month
  • 3. Over £50+ per month

5. How quickly do you need a connection?

Most connections can be installed in just a few weeks.

  • 1. Immediately
  • 2. In the next few weeks
  • 3. N/A: I just need the right connection.

Remember: We work with you to determine an installation date that suits your business.


If you answered mostly A’s

then you should consider installing a DSL connection:

Internet is important to your business but not crucial. You need a fast connection for browsing and emailing, however you do not need to upload/send large files or utilise cloud computing applications.

connectAssure ADSL (Digital Subscriber Line) provides high-speed Internet by making use of your existing phone line. This cost-effective way of connectivity allows businesses to get fast Internet, without breaking the bank.

Advantages of connectAssure ADSL:

  • Cost-effective broadband
  • 99% nationwide availability
  • Superfast installation

Learn more about DSL

If you answered mostly B’s

then you should consider installing aN FTTC connection:

You’re a modern business owner who values Internet highly. You use cloud applications on a daily basis and it’s important to you that they run smoothly, regardless of the number of users.

connectAssure FTTC,  as known as Fibre To The Cabinet is the next generation of superfast connectivity. By using Fibre optic infrastructure, FTTC is able to provide much higher upload and download speeds. With speeds of up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up, FTTC is able to increase business productivity, reduce costs and unlock the potential of Cloud computing, along with other bandwidth-hungry services.

Advantages of connectAssure fibre:

  • Utilise cloud applications
  • Work from home
  • High-speed Internet

Learn more about FTTC

If you answered mostly C’s

then you should consider installing an ethernet connection:

Internet is critical to your business. You have a lot of users using the Internet at the same time doing high priority tasks. If the Internet were to go down, then it would be nothing short of a disaster. You need a dedicated and private connection that will be available at all times.

connectAssure ethernet services can run voice, data and video across multiple business locations, making sharing business-critical information simple. You get the same speeds in both directions and there are no usage caps at all. The Internet is always on, highly resilient and scalable.

Advantages of connectAssure ethernet:

  • Symmetrical connectivity
  • Very resilient and scalable
  • Enforced Service Level Agreements

Learn more about Ethernet

Still unsure?

Don’t let this stress you out. Contact our team of business Internet professionals who can provide you with a recommendation based on your individual business requirements.

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