20/20 business vision

In a world full of ever rising prices, one vital business commodity is actually getting cheaper.

Why you should choose FTTC internet

Starting a business can be costly. Believe us, we know. Before starting Telappliant, award-winning provider of cloud-powered communication solutions, we invested heavily in solar powered communications. The Sun, after all, is quite clearly more powerful than any cloud. It’s basic science!

Unfortunately, though, rather than energising our telephone systems, we just ended up generating a ton of green, non-climate altering sustainable energy that could power the world for free. But seriously, who cares about that?

20 20 business vision valentine


The lesson to take from this is clear. So abundantly clear, in fact, that we’re going to explain it in great detail.

When starting a business, you need a certain degree of foresight in knowing what is and what isn’t going to work for you. This means having the right idea, doing your market research and knowing your unique selling points. It also means investing capital wisely in the right services. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so clear in retrospect.

Usually, the amount of money you’re willing to spend on a service is a clever way of quantifying how important it is to your business. It’s kind of like a relationship on Valentine’s day. If you care a lot, you’ll spend more money, but if you only care a little, you’ll spend less, or if you’re anything like us, you’ll spend nothing at all. It’s basic love maths really.

So let’s do a test, not a scientific test, but one that is just biased enough for us to get our point across.

20 20 business vision premises


Which business essentials can no emerging enterprise live without? Suitable accommodation immediately springs to mind, followed closely by hiring the right staff and/or providing a great product or service (see our website for literally a million examples).

These are all valid business necessities, no doubt. But they have an overarching theme that starts with an “E” and ends with “xpensive”. At the start of a business life cycle, it pays to be a little short sighted. You’ll want to keep costs low, but with the examples mentioned, it’s very much a case of you pay for what you get. If you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys and so on and so fourth.

So here’s the test you’ve been waiting for: which vital business commodity does not fit within this rule?

20 20 business vision phone heaven


If you answered communications, then you would be correct. However, we are not likely to give you any credit for this because it was obvious.

It’s true, your communications are probably the only business necessity where you can spend less, but get more. Thanks to the emergence of cloud computing, a business telephone system no longer requires wardrobes full of hardware and equipment. This keeps costs low, but remarkably gives you a better service with more features.

Think about it, if you want the best employees, you have to pay the best salary. If you want great accommodation, you need to stump up the cash. But with communications, you don’t have to speculate to accumulate. Cloud communication platforms, like Telappliant’s own VoIPOffice, offer you the short term benefits of being cost-effective, coupled with the long term benefits of being flexible enough to grow with your business. Trust us, it’s true, we’re basically scientists – and scientists never lie.

To find out how much your business could save, contact us.

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