10 Reasons to love VoIP & Telappliant

Why are Telappliant’s 20,000 business VoIP customers using VoIP technology to power their communication needs. What’s so special about it?

FTTC internet

Every day, there are over a half a million business VoIP calls placed over the Telappliant network.

That’s over 20,000 an hour, 347 a minute, or 5 a second, if you want to get ultra pedantic. Why? Let’s find out.

10. One of the originals

The phrase “a copy is never worth as much as the original” has never been apter than with Telappliant.

One of the very first to hit the market way back in 2003, Telappliant has seen countless imitators come and go during its tenure as being one of the leading providers of VoIP Services in the UK, with its longevity put down to an ability to adapt and change in an ever-evolving industry.

10 reasons to choose telappliant 12 years

9. 12 years a VoIP provider

In the 12 years that Telappliant has been open for business, we’ve seen the rise of social media, the fall of the Blackberry and the dominance of the selfie.

Technology trends have come and gone, but VoIP’s popularity has been growing steadily throughout the decade without slowdown and will only continue to grow in the coming years.

10 reasons to choose telappliant flower

8. Flower power

In 2013, the global VoIP services market was valued at around £45 billion. It is expected that by 2020, the figure is set to almost double to an eye-watering £90 billion.

These figures show that VoIP adoption is growing, which will result in more innovation and more time-saving features for its userbase.

10 reasons to choose telappliant itspa

7. Fellowship of the VoIP

In 2004, Telappliant and 11 others came together to create the Internet Telephony Services Providers Association (ITSPA) with the goal of regulating the industry as so that it remained favourable for further innovation.

Telappliant continues to champion these values to this day and routinely reviews each service and product to ensure that we offer the best value and features.

10 reasons to choose telappliant features

6. Feature creature

It’s important to provide a reliable service, but it’s also important to lead the way in innovation with productivity-enhancing features that can change the way people work for the better.

Classic examples of this include easily accessible virtual receptionists, wireless calls and unified communications platforms, all successfully integrated into Telappliant’s offering over the years.

10 reasons to choose telappliant master

5. Master of their domain

Telappliant’s services are all powered on its own cutting edge infrastructure which is constantly being improved in order to ensure industry-leading levels of resiliency, reliability, security and scalability.

Being the master of their own spinal chord ensures that they are at the mercy of no other third parties in the event of an emergency.

10 reasons to choose telappliant save

4. The price is always right

Mo money mo problems? Definitely not, especially when it comes to business. More like mo money fewer problems, actually.

Telappliant gets this and offers not just a price match, but a price promise that will beat ANY comparable quote by at least 5%, ensuring that your business can keep on stockpiling that paper.

10 reasons to choose telappliant

3. Financial muscle

Simply put, Telappliant are in a very healthy financial position. This means that that they can afford to throw money at innovation and new features, whilst keeping prices low for customers at the same time.

Financial security also brings a degree of stability to any business, ensuring that customers can trust Telappliant to grow alongside them in the coming years.

10 reasons to choose telappliant award

2. And the award goes to…

Over the past few years, Telappliant have won numerous awards due to giving excellent service and the quality of their solutions.

Everybody wants to work with the best and Telappliant are proud to be acknowledged as being one of the leading cloud communication providers in the UK today.

10 reasons to choose telappliant listen

1. Listen to the customers

Telappliant has 78 five star reviews on independent business review website Trustpilot. Here is a selection of recent reviews:

“I would recommend Telappliant to anyone who is looking for a VoIP system.”

“There engineers know the solution they sell and have a wide knowledge for different ways of implementing them to suit their customers.”

“We recently moved our phone system from an in-house PBX to Telappliant’s hosted service. The team at Telappliant were very thorough in gathering our requirements, seeing how our existing PBX was configured and planning a migration to the new hosted service. A migration date was agreed on and everything went very smoothly. Our staff are all happy with the new phone system and all its features.”

That’s it for now. Tune in next time for more information on why Telappliant could be the right fit for your business communication needs – or contact us right now using one of the buttons below to learn how much YOU might love VoIP today.

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