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Quote My Energy was founded in early 2014 with the aim of creating a competitive B2B energy comparison website….

Quote My Energy

Quotemyenergy.co.uk is an easy to use business energy comparison service that empowers UK businesses to compare and switch business energy suppliers and save money on electricity rates and gas prices.

With ambitious plans to rapidly expand Quote My Energy wanted a supplier that was flexible and cost-effective but also had the ability to scale up when necessary to meet their aggressive growth plans.

Quote My Energy had a specific challenge that needed solving with an innovative solution. During a call with UK businesses a Quote My Energy representative would establish the caller’s requirements, they needed to be able to transfer the call live to the most appropriate energy provider to continue the sales process.

After speaking to a number of large telecoms providers they were unable to find the right technological solution to their challenges, at a competitive price. Then Anand Sunderji one of the co-founders of Quote My Energy was referred to Telappliant by an existing customer.

Within four months the company had expanded to 10 staff using the Telappliant solution and were processing 3,500 business enquiries a month.

Customer Comment

We’re growing quite fast, so every time we hire a new member of staff we can phone our account manager and have a handset sent out straight to the new starter within days. It’s a very scalable solution you’re providing.

Anand SunderjiFounder, Quote My Energy Ltd

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